Top Budget Tech Gadgets You Can Get Under Just Rs. 2000 – Part 1

The craze to buy top tech gadgets can never go away but you must choose the best gadgets for you money from the ocean of gadgets that are available these days. Technology gadgets have been redefining the way we live with its innovative concepts of day to day devices. Whether you need a brand new Keyboard, or Mouse, or Speaker, or Power Bank or whatever you can get the best of them under Rs. 2000. Below is the list of those top powerful tech gadgets you will help big time for your everyday activities.

Top Budget Tech Gadgets You Can Get Under Just Rs. 2000 – Part 1 1
Source: Amazon

Dragon WAR GKM-001 SENCAIC Keyboard & Mouse Combo Set

First up is the brand new redesigned Dragon war gaming keyboard and mouse combo set gadget. Top class gadget with gold-plated USB connection for keyboard and high resolution dpi for gaming mouse. Doesn’t matter whether you are a gamer or not, this gadget will help you work on things with absolute accuracy on your documents and application software’s.

It has got various features like Semi-mechanical keyboard backlight for the keyboard, mouse for gaming with 6 control buttons. The combo set comes with 1 year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. You no longer need to compete with your damn old keys and dancing mouse pointers. Buy Now

Top Budget Tech Gadgets You Can Get Under Just Rs. 2000 – Part 1 2
Source: Amazon

RivaCase 7460 Stylish Backpack with Color Lining with Adjustable Padded Compartments – Black

The compact backpack to carry your camera gears and accessories without the fear or getting any damaged to your equipments. Take a look the backpack image and how your camera gears sit comfortably in all those well designed cushioned compartments. The backpack is completely reliable and unassumingly lightweight fitting camera bodies, lens, flash, and all your photo accessories.

You also have decent space to carry your mini tripod or the monopod by handling them as soft as you would like to. It also got safety strips to protect the gears and the inner zipper pulls designed for scratch protection of all your valuable contents. This is a must have backpack for hassle free experience specifically for your outdoor shoots and experiments. Buy Now

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Top Budget Tech Gadgets You Can Get Under Just Rs. 2000 – Part 1 3

JBL Go Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Mic (Black)

The highly compact and compatible speaker offers great sound quality in all your environments. The gadget is available in 8 eye catching colors, so easy to carry as it will smoothly fit in your hands. It features a wireless Bluetooth streaming capability with its transducer, providing signal-to-noise ratio greater than or equal to 80db. It also boasts a rechargeable battery lasts up to 5 house of playtime. You cannot ask for a better speaker at its price, check out the customer reviews from 13000+ customer who have rated for it. Buy Now

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