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Electric sparklers
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Electric sparklers

A sparkler is a firework that emits colored flames, sparks and other effects when it burns. They are generally used at a celebration event or a party. Though they look beautiful, there are many risks involved with the usage of sparklers. Electric sparklers are also available to us now.

Setting the camera:

  • We all believe that mobile phones can take a good quality of pictures, but not as good as a camera. To get a good quality sparkler image, you need a camera with hot shoe or a sync port.
  • To get a great photo of the sparklers, its best to use your grandfather’s camera that is a tripod.
  • To get the best picture of the sparklers, you should turn off your flash off the camera. Turning off the flash, lets us experience the best picture.
  • There is a gel called a double CTO gel, that does a trick, by mimicking the look of the ambient lighting coming from sparklers.
  • Finally, there is no tested method, which you can use directly and take pictures. All you have to do is keep on trying and keep on testing, till you get the picture you want.

How to take photos:

  • We need to wait until the exposure level of light is just dropping below the exposure level of sparklers. It means that the background light should be a little bit darker than the sparkler light, this comes around half an hour later, the sunset.
  • We get only 15 to 20 minutes from the light being little less than sparkler light and total nightfall. So, we need to be well prepared in advance.
  • It’s time to set your camera on the tripod.
  • Now set your camera’s ISO, shutter speed, and aperture
  • Shutter speed should be at least half second, in order to capture the light streaks from the sparklers.
  • The trick is to set off the camera flash, with CTO gels.
  • We are exposing our photos for the sparklers, but we are going to use flash to freeze the action, so the resulting photo would be amazing.
  • Experiment with the parameters, until you get the best output.
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  • It is most important that no one gets hurt while taking photos of the sparklers
  • You can consider 30 cm sparklers so that it has fewer chances of causing injury while shooting the pictures.
  • Always use manual mode to shoot the photos. Never try to experiment with automatic mode, as it does not give good images.
  • Do not use autofocus on your camera. Always focus on the people and the sparklers manually.
  • The sparklers are bright, it’s enough if you set your ISO to 400.No extreme values are required.
  • To get best photos, you need lots of sparklers.
  • Learn to play with your photos. Take more of them and edit them well
  • Experimenting is inevitable.

Writing with sparklers:

This is a good experiment, where you can get images of different shapes, names etc. This experiment gives a lot of fun. But it is very risky, so you must be very careful, especially if kids are involved. Write and draw whatever you want and take great pictures with it. The pictures look just awesome, try and see yourself. But remember, safety comes first.

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