Top Free Websites That Make You Smarter – Tips To Grow Yourself

Humans are curious living beings with tons of curiosity about most things around us. Ranging from how a cookie can be made to how to reach MARS with at most low-cost rover.

The quest for knowledge helps those who are curious to keep themselves hydrated knowledge-wise. Books play a big role in providing the required knowledge to everyone.

The advent of Internet websites substantially changes how we humans consume information or knowledge. There were websites with abundant updated knowledge structured to help every one of us get smarter.

Get to know the top free websites that can make you smarter and satisfy your quest for knowledge.

Ted: Inspirational Ideas Worth Sharing

‘TED’ is something many of you might already know due to its popularity among us.

To those who aren’t aware of TED, which stands for ‘Technology, Entertainment, and Design.’

TED is a remarkable website where people from all walks of life share their experiences, advice, etc. The topic does not limit to Technology, Entertainment, and Design but includes Education, Business, Management, Growth hacking, Capitalism, Communism, Humor, and whatnot. Visit Website.



Khan Academy is nothing but a revolution in the field of education, it is a philanthropic non-profit group aimed to provide world-class education to everyone in the world for free.

When we refer to everyone, it benefits not just the students and teachers but also parents, employed, unemployed, trade workers, etc.

With websites like the Khan Academy, anyone can learn to code having a laptop and an internet connection.


How Stuff Works

HowStuffWorks, as the name reads, it is all about detailing how things work and how one can customize to their benefit or to create something truly interesting in its own way.

Like others, they cover topics ranging in all categories, including how laptops work, how sharks attack, how petrol engines run, how limbo cars work, and a lot more. Without fail, check its website.

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