Top Pregnancy Apps – Learning Curves for Women

Top Pregnancy Apps - Learning Curves for Women
Top Pregnancy Apps – Learning Curves for Women

Pregnancy is an amazing time where you need to be very careful, observe all your changes, and take care of your physical and mental health.

To help your journey smoother many digital tech companies come up with really useful applications to provide you with guides and tips and keep trackers.

Pregnancy +

This is one of the popular smartphone pregnancy apps; this app contains beautiful interactive pictures for every week of pregnancy.

This lets you track your pregnancy weekly, providing all necessary information on health and parenting. It contains guides on food habits, exercise, and medical intake.

This app lets you make a doctor visits log and a baby-sized visualizer. This app is available free and paid for both Android and iPhone devices.

Ovia Pregnancy

Ovia is another smartly designed application that lets you track weight gain, manage pregnancy symptoms, nutrition, and record prenatal vitamins and medications. You can also track and chart your sleep patterns, moods, exercise, and more.

It contains guidelines based on your body mass index and pregnancy age. Other features include food and medication safety look-up, a trimester progress bar, symptoms look-up, and more.

Ovia pregnancy uses data science and users’ details for a truly customized experience.

Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Development Countdown

This is one of the most recommended applications for all pregnant women. This app provides guides week by week as well as day by day basis.

The built-in pregnancy calendar holds many informative baby-centric articles about baby health and safety, baby care advice, mommy and baby activity, a feeding guide with breastfeeding and formula tips, etc., with interactive images and videos. 

The other features include a baby due to date calculator, baby kicks counter, fetal development, a baby names finder, a sleep guide, and more.

Medical Advisory Board experts review all the health information in this app.

Pregnancy Assistant

Pregnancy assistant is another simple app for tracking fetal development week by week. Like the above apps, it shares much-needed information regarding baby growth weekly.

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This has a personal notes section to write down all your observations. This is a free application.

Baby Bump

Baby Bump is another popular app for pregnancy tracking. The tracking tools here help you track the baby’s kicks, how your body and baby are changing, and your contractions when it’s time.

The baby bump shop shows all the best pregnancy and baby products with expert editorial reviews. It provides a Schematic embryo picture of your baby each week, along with the baby’s size, weight, and development.

It lets you add photos of your pregnancy from your camera or gallery.  This application comes in free as well as a pro variant.

Though many useful apps are available in the play store and app store to keep track of the pregnancy period, it is also a must to visit the clinic regularly to monitor the baby’s growth and the mom’s health.

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