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Ever since 6th August 1991, the internet is constantly serving the public. Since its opening to the public by the Father of the Web Mr Tim Berners Lee, it has improved our lives in unimaginable ways. In the early days, there weren’t many useful websites present but now our lives revolve around things that closely related to the internet. In this post, we going to source the top list of websites on the Internet which serves educational content.

The list is quite long and we have divided them into their main categories for proper use. Go through all the category and utilise the websites which suit your educational interests.

Online Courses:


To learn courses based on your interests online can be done with the following list of websites. You will find
loads and loads courses cover almost every possible categories from Algebra to Aeronautics, etc.

1. – Online courses from top universities, join for free.
2. – University of Reddit
3. – Free online classes & Nanodegrees
4. – Free online courses

Educational websites exclusively with video content:
1. – Free online courses, lessons & practice.
2. – Ideas worth spreading are shared here.
3. – Free online courses from top colleges.
4. – Probably you should watch this, instead of TV.
5. YouTube – Youtube got endless lists of content, and for educational content you just google it.

For music lovers:
1. – Free guitar lessons
2. – Music Theory
3. – 1,100,000 songs catalogue with free Chords, that’s a lot of stuff just waiting for you to learn.
4. – Free bass lessons, play funk, etc.
5. – Learn how to play the piano.
6. – Music Theory Web and it’s super cool.

Classroom IT Training and Certifications

1. The Cisco Learning Network
2. DreamsPlus
3. Microsoft Learning
4. IBM Authorized Training
5. Skillsoft

Language Learning:


Books to read and listen online:


1. Wflramalpha – A Fantastic website providing Computational Knowledge Engine.
2. Project Euler – A website dedicated to the fascinating and world mathematics of programming.
3. – A simple math question answer game to calculate our math skills and how fast we can solve the questions.


Certainly, in India, a vast number of youngsters are working in different cities and consuming outside food on a regular basis. With the following list of websites anybody can spend some time and learn to cook and make their own disk.

4. – Contains how-to instructional videos

Productivity Hacks
5. Pomodoro Timer

Among the huge chunk of quality websites available on the internet, it is not easy to cut down to the above specific without incorporating any life hacks. I have used the Pomodoro timer websites to complete this article writing within twenty-five minutes. So, after going through above websites, let us know if any other top website you use to learn constantly and your feedback on the above list.

Source: tfetimes


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