Transform Your Life with Bug Bounty Programs – Know How


Bug Bounty as the name suggests it is about getting bounty or rewards for finding bugs. Back in 2009 I have introduced myself to the Hacking world and somehow got to know about Bug Bounty. Then I had a break after 2013, the year I have graduated and got placed into a MNC. Coming back to Bug Hunting, I have seen that it had already transformed researchers life into unimaginable ways. If you are also looking to transform you life then this post will help you get started.

What is Bug Bounty Program?

A Bug Bounty program is something designed by the companies, websites calling security researchers to secure their systems. Popular companies were Google, Facebook, Microsoft and the list goes. They declare their rules and regulations through a Bug Bounty Platform, Hacker One, Bug Crowd and Synack are the three well known platforms for bug(s) reporting. As a beginner security researcher or bug hunter you should be aware of the Bug Bounty guidelines.


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Kick Start your Life:

You can kick start life by starting up with the Bug reporting platforms and the resources associated with it. Choose one of the above mentioned platforms, you can always create an account in the other anytime. Begin with one, and just google for Bug Bounty Resources. You will find the list of resources including the Websites, Books, Security Researchers Blogs, Videos, etc.

Watch the below video, which is about one of the security researcher Mathias Karlsson. He shares how it all started for him and how it changed his life in a better way and what are his future goals.



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