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Business owners often need to get creative to promote their business. Besides the usual advice about having an online presence with a website and social media, in-person contact calls for a proven branding strategy. Whether you’re an advertising professional at a large corporate or a small business entrepreneur or a volunteer at a non-profit organization, you’re well aware of the countless advertising specialties that exist in the world.

But, there are tons of new trends that are sweeping the promotional products world and they’re putting a fresh spin on the traditional products you already know. From cork to marble, here are some of the most modern promotional products to take your brand out of its comfort zone.

Put a Cork in your Branding

Though cork has been around since the 1700s, still, it makes a comeback in both the interior design and advertising worlds. Its lightweight and textured mixes the perfect amount of business with casual and sounds pretty darn great for your brand. Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming conference or looking for a gift to surprise your employees, this cork base coffee mug is the perfect way to stand out from your competitor.

Customized with your advertising message, its trendiness and unique factors are unparalleled. Plus, cork is an eco-friendly material that can feel proud to own yet another reason to add it to your list of prized possessions.

Bamboo Coaster

Well, you’ve probably witnessed the bamboo coaster trend in a local salon or in your favorite hipster’s downtown apartment. Even though it is a modern home decor, it’s sustainability and clear appearance makes an even better marketing trend. Yes, the bamboo movement has spread from the living room to web design and advertising trends.

They make the perfect addition to a gift basket for your top clients when paired with a mug and your favorite coffee. No matter the industry, bamboo promotional products are the way to go in 2018.

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Marble Water Bottle

Yes, it is a trendy way to showcase your favorite household items and turned into a full-blown branding opportunity for modern businesses. From desktop wallpapers to newsletter themes, the marble trend has successfully made its way into the business world. Custom printed promotional water bottles are a great way to keep your brand name in people’s minds. These bottles can be used repeatedly, and each time they are used, your brand is on display. They are also very affordable, so you won’t have to break the bank when marketing your brand.

Promotional Hand Fans

Promotional hand fans make excellent party favors during weddings, festivals, and fairs. On the other hand, custom paper hand fans can be considered as fundraising items and business promotional items that are par excellence. Versatile and hugely popular, these hand fans will impart a retro touch and a fairy tale charm to your events. Order customized hand fans for sale in a variety of colors and add a picture, message and logo to make a highly visible billboard for your brand and thereby drive up your brand exposure.

The Gala

We all have been to an event where we’re trying to hold an appetizer plate, a drink and still have a free hand to golf, shake hands or converse, right? Here is a perfect cocktail plate, which allows the beverage to easily nestle alongside it, as it’s held in place by the user’s index finger. With a large imprint area and high-quality heavyweight plastic, there’s no doubt to make a lasting impression!

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