Trendy Baby Delivery Methods In 2021

Baby 2019
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Baby 2019

Welcoming baby in this world is a natural process but with the advancement of science and technology now new methods have been adopted for the process of childbirth, which is safe and secure for the mother as well as for the baby. If we turn to the pages of the history vaginal delivery is the only process but now with the advancement of science now there are various ways to do the childbirth. Such as water birth, birthing sling, hypnobirthing, lotus birth etc. In the case of complicating delivery generally, C-section is suggested by the doctors.

The emerging trend of having a water birth is famous nowadays. It is recommended by the doctors that in lukewarm water or water as same as the body temperature, the mother will feel less pain and it will be the slow calm process. The advantage of the water birth method is that it can happen in a home also under the supervision of the doctors. Although now a day’s private hospitals are setting proper setup for water birth process. The main motive behind the various birth methods is to provide comfortable delivery of the mother with an easy and quick manner. If one is facing the problems infertility or conceiving the child, they can consult the various best fertility centre in chennai.

There are very well known and trusted best fertility centre in chennai, which helps to deal with the problems in conceiving the child. There are some points you need to keep in mind before and after the pregnancy and delivery of the child. Some of the important points are given below you should consider.

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  • Childbirth courses- partners should apply for such classes as soon as possible. Usually, it is considered to take classes in your second trimester of pregnancy.
  • Yoga- it is considered best to maintain the strength and focus on your mental stress. Yoga helps to maintain the weight of the mother and to deal with the mood swings which are seen during pregnancy.
  • Proper eating – the mother should consider eating healthy and nutritious food. One should also consider drinking the electrolyte to keep you hydrated and provide energy.
  • Breathing- during delivery it is advised best that taking long and deep breaths helps you most. It will relax your body and helps to stay claim. Try taking breathing in diaphragmatic techniques. It is very useful and prescribed best by the doctors.
  • No medication for pain- usually this is the common mistake which is usually done to ease the pain of the mother during pregnancy. As taking pain killer will have long term adverse effect not only on mother but also on the newborn baby too.
  • Overexert- sometimes the labor can take many hours and days so it is advised to remain calm and rest between the periods of activity. Try changing the position frequently sometimes helps you to ease the pain and comfort mother. It will also provide the better position of the baby that may speed up the process.
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