Tune Up Your Big Data Strategy – Simple Tricks To Manage It

Big Data
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Big data is the main component of every business. This main component has all the potential to benefit the organization. It is not only pertaining to any specific country, but it is valid in the whole globe. As the name suggests, Big data is the large data but it is a lot more than that. Basically, it is the complication if the whole data and then it can be used in making the decisions and new implementations in the business. Big data gives real insight into the business and it aids in making new decisions for the benefit of the organization. In short, big data helps to improve the financial status of the organization. Here are simple to tricks to manage the big data for the benefit of the company.
Big data strategies can be explained with Vs and if you would know the basics of the big data strategies then you can change the position of your business and make it much better. You can also get the big data certification Chennai for accurately knowing the big data strategies. So, let us start our journey towards knowing more about the big data.
Velocity: Velocity is basically the speed at which the data is getting created. There is a huge difference between the big data of the earlier time and big data creation of today’s time. In an earlier time, the velocity of data creation was less as compared to today. Bach processing was the technology which was used in earlier time while nowadays, the data is getting created in real time. Availability of the internet is also sharing a good role in big data creation. Big data creation and its effects, as well as their implementation, can be a good trick to hike your business. The results of the big data strategies are also unimaginable,
Do you know, 2.6 million queries are getting performed on the Google in every minute, almost 3 lakh tweets are being sent in every minute, a minimum of 20 million photos are getting viewed and a one-third portion is getting uploaded, 200 million e-mails are being sent in every single minute. On the basis of this data, you can imagine the velocity of this strategy and if you implement the same in your business, you can grow a lot in the very less time.

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Variety: Variety of the data is also important to enhance the overall growth of the business. In the past times, the main form of the data was structured format but nowadays, there are different formats in which data is being shared. In earlier times, only rows and columns were used to analyze the data but nowadays the data is of various types like unstructured data, semi-structured data, structured data, complex structured data but the main form is unstructured data. About 90-92% organizations are using unstructured data format. This variety allows analyzing the data on the big scale. By the hook or crook, try to implement the strategies to grow your business.

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