Type of Countries And Its Cultivation Methods

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The cultivation of food grains and breeding of animals, plants and other products is known as the agriculture. It is the key development of human civilization. It involves farming of living species that creates food surplus that nurtured the improvement of civilization. It is found that agriculture is coming from the ancient period and the development of agriculture has been driven and defined by various cultures of people, climates, and technologies.

Agriculture is still the backbone of the economy for most of the countries like India in the world. Most of the countries in the world do agriculture. The difference is the way of cultivating the crops, types of crops, climate, soil, environment, a technology used etc. Agriculture not only means cultivating rice grains. It involves cultivating different types of crops such as rice, wheat, corn, maize, soya bean etc. These products are exported by the different type of exporters like rice exporters, maize exporters, wheat exporters etc.

Different types of cultivation methods

The success of agriculture depends on the type of cultivation method used. There are different types of methods are followed for cultivation

Irrigation farming

It is a cultivation method that relies on supplying water from a water body like reservoir, river, lake, pond, well or tank. As water is important for agriculture it is one of the famous methods used all over the world.

Shifting cultivation

This system cultivates one plot of land for a period of time till the soil becomes infertile. As there is no crop yield in the land, the plot is isolated and it is re-fertilized using the burn technique. This type of cultivation is famous among the east coast and in the northeast countries. This system is used to cultivate food products such as corn, millet, buckwheat, rice, vegetables and root crops.

Ley farming

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It is a type of farming which is used to restore the fertility of the soil in drylands. A section of the land is used for cultivating grains and other types of crops and when the soil begins to degrade, it is left uncultivated. It is allowed to grow hay for grazing animals. After some time, it is used for cultivating crops by restoring the nutrients through ploughing. The erosion of land during the key time is prevented by the grass roots.

Plantation farming

It is the popular form of cultivation which is used for large-scale cultivation of a crop for example, on a vast area like an estate. Normally, it is used for cultivating crops like coffee, tea, rubber and commonly-grown plantations like teak wood, timber, bamboo etc.

Crop rotation

It is a type of survival farming and it involves one or more farmers who cultivate the crop for their own use. It has a variety of crops such as mustard, wheat, barley, millet etc. The advantages of this type of cultivation are weeds, disease control, pests and maintenance of soil fertility.

There are some other types of farming are followed in agriculture like co-operative farming, commercial farming, traditional farming and more.

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