Types of Cigarettes and Its Effects on The Body

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Smoking is the most common habits following by most of the people everywhere around the world. Smoking is the deadly habits and it affects our lungs easily. The sales of cigarettes are on peak everywhere and the people are ready to spend money daily for one packet. Both men and women are addicted to smoking habit even they mentioned in the box that smoking is injurious to health. The cigarettes are available in different flavors, shape, and sizes. They are easily targeting the audience who are very much interested in smoking. There are different types of cigarettes and it’s important to know what’s being targeted to whom.

The masculine cigarettes are mostly targeted towards men so you can find these cigarettes advertisement in the newspaper, store displays and everywhere. The straights which have no filters and the length of the cigarette is short but it is very strong compared to other cigarettes. While using straights it will give harsh feeling in throats during inhaling. Most of the people are addicted to those cigarettes and the cost of one is very high. The old men are very addicted to this cigarette since it doesn’t have any filters. It will bring high damage to the lungs and body rather than other types of cigarettes. Also, you can expect a cough almost instantly after inhaling the straights. The filter cigarettes are the most popular and common in all shops. It is more or less similar to straights but with a cotton filter. It will give the same strength of straights and it will bring a cough too instantly and eventually. The shopkeeper will buy safety matches only for the cigarettes.


The heavy smokers and chain smokers will buy these kinds of stuff. The heavy smokers will need a lot of nicotine and this filter cigarette provides that easily. The lights cigarettes are another most popular branded cigarettes which are available in all shops at affordable rates. It is not much stronger than filter and straights and they are considered as best global cigarettes. The ultra-lights cigarettes are the lightest cigarettes on the market today and they usually have a white filter. They are very light so you will feel hard while inhaling to get a real drag. Wides cigarettes are very short and fat and it can be filters or lights. The wides have mostly targeted the men because of their fatter looks almost like a cigar. The feminine cigarettes can vary in shapes and sizes and flavors too. They are targeting only women’s. Menthol cigarettes are flavored with eucalyptus and it almost like an icy, cold and mint flavor.  People who smoking menthol will feel icy in their lungs while inhaling deeply. As per research, this is the most danger cigarettes and it crystallizes your lungs compared to other cigarettes.

The cloves are very expensive cigarettes and rich people will hold this often with custom made match boxes in hand. Mostly the cloves are very thin and black in color. The nicotine is very stronger compared to other cigarettes. Don’t be a slave to tobacco company and live a happy and healthy life.


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