Unbelievable: 7 hour 20 minutes Movie trailer – ‘Ambiancé’ [Videos]

Ambiancé’ - World's longest film
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Staggering!!!  But true.  Directed by Andres Weberg, ‘Ambiancé’ is a yet-to be released Swedish film with a run for 720 hours aka 30 days.

More interesting is the fact that the movie with its complete running time will screened synchronously across all countries for once on December 30, 2020 and then to be destroyed once for all. Ambiancé will the longest movie ever made that will never exist.

A 72 minute teaser was released on 2014 which is followed by a 7 hour 20 minute short trailer in 2016. This will be further followed by a long trailer in 2018. More trailers will be following till 2020.

For  more info : http://www.thelongestfilm.com


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