Uncommon Growth hacking habits to get your life back on track – Not a 5 AM thing

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It is no surprise the internet is filled with typical growth hacking strategies like “being a morning person”, “work your as* off”, etc. Whereas, we have brought in modern day growth hacking strategies that will boost your productivity and help get closer to success in a limited time. People, who were dead broke a few years back have utilized these strategies to move towards a successful lifestyle. Practicing just to start your day by 5 AM on a regular basis alone can’t make you successful, you must know the practices that were put forth by great achievers behind the scenes.

Modern day tools and technologies have continuously shaping the way we were living. “You no longer need to wake up early”, “don’t need to stay all day in your office”, “don’t need to give away on your after work life freedom”, “you do not need to maintain even the regular “Key Performance Indicators (KPI)” rather you may practice the following growth hacking methods which were used by people who achieved success through uncommon ways. Don’t get judgmental rather try to reason things with recent times societal happenings.

Sleep 8-9 Hours a Night


Most of us knew and heard about this but were never truly educated its real outcome when followed. Yes, making yourself to sleep comfortable on a regular basis can yield substantial benefits. A good sleep is ridiculously underrated, everyone of knew the fact but we give up easily and continue to be routine due to societal pressures. Sleep 8-9 hours a night on a regular basis will improvise your cognitive process, the way of thinking and making decisions. You don’t need to spend hours and hours to make a decision rather you can make the right decision easily when you are physically and mentally relaxed.

Recharge Your Batteries:

Having the right frame of mind helps 10x greater in productivity rather spending all day at work. Stop being someone who brags like “I never took a day off. I would work all day long and never get tired”. Robots can perform all day but humans need to recharge their batteries then and there for increased outcome. Do not rush for the results rather enrich you in an unique way and keep your beliefs always up on the process.

Quit Complaining:

Successful people not only done with waking up early and work on their craft throughout. They keep progressing by constantly working on problems and challenges on a regular basis without complaining about them. Everybody else got the same 24 hours and most of us face the similar challenges, yet those who complain attains target much later than those who waste no time in complaining.



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