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The wedding is the beauty of life; mother nature guides us both men and women together to form a lovely family. Every one of us aspires to have a standout wedding celebration simply because of the memories it gives us for the rest of the life. In recent times, we are provided with endless creative ideas for a wedding celebration.

One of them is the augmented reality wedding cards which let you provide your guests with the best experience they will ever have. Here are the fruitful facts about augmented reality wedding cards and how you can make wonder with it.



Augmented Reality (AR) carries a long history, it is just a program which brings with a live or indirect view of a physical real-world environment. We have experienced AR big time with the games we have played in our modern gadgets, one famous game example is the Pokémon Go! The game lets its users experience the real world into a form of virtual reality. Combining this idea with the wedding invitation cards in a creative way, we were able to experience the augmented reality wedding cards.


Augmented reality has its origins as early as the 1950s and later virtual reality enabled it to enjoy significant progress along with the technology advancements.

Augmented reality adds a new dimension to the typical wedding invitation cards. An innovative solution for everyone to add the WOW factor to their wedding invitations.

AR lets you impress your guests with its audio-video format of the wedding invitation cards. With this technology, you can simply record a lovely message or a movement or an action and embed it into your wedding card.

Your guests can experience the audio-video messages present in your wedding invitation with the help of their smartphone device. With the designated application, they should simply hover the smartphone over the wedding card which will scan the card and play the audio-video message.

Wedding invitations are the first thing which gives you the opportunity to share your special day celebrations to your friends, families in the first place. Enabling an interactive augmented reality touch with the wedding cards will truly bring the event live for your guests to experience.

You can choose a range of stylish and creative augmented reality message from the available template or you can request to add a customizable message to be embedded in the wedding invitation cards. Find these template with online wedding cards and choose yourself on how to go about it.

Everyone in our household can be seen accompanied by a smartphone mobile device, these devices with the capability to display augmented reality drive curiosity to the users. This conventional printed augmented reality with its digital information results in keeping the viewers engaged to the technology and embrace the innovation. The idea is not to discontinue using the traditional wedding cards but to embrace the modern-day ideas into consideration and push ourselves to bring innovations for enjoying the grand wedding.


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