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It is no surprise that humans value gold and silver so much for a very long time. We have heard in our childhood stories that gold biscuits were used for trade before the money came in. Even though gold is chemically uninteresting due to its behavior with other elements, gold is certainly the shiny thing that attracts everyone even in the distance.

Gold plays a major role in defining a country’s economy, when the dollar declines in value by printing more of it, the value of gold goes way up. All these love and attraction towards gold made manufacturers to create unusual things made of gold all for the sole love of itself. Check the cool, crazy things that were made of gold.



How would you react if you find a gold dumbbell on your next fitness workout session? Yes, Ginza Tanaka who is the president of Hideya Okamoto presents the world’s most expensive dumbbell. It is made of pure gold and were sold between $21,500 and $64,500.



When the love of creating cool innerwear and gold combined, pushes the French designer made a no-thread bikini with 18-karat gold worth $19,400. This gold bikini was placed in display at a store in Jinan, Shandon Province China.AAjxhzT



It is the south and south-eastern countries which are showcasing ultimate love for gold. Following the dumbbell and bikini, here we have the shirt completely made of gold. An Indian businessman Datta Phuge wearing the gold shirt worthy of $19,000. He is also dubbed as the gold man of India.



A specialized bra made with gold is seen in a gold shop in Taiyuan, China. A celebrity model wearing the golden bra for an event in the shop which is about 4 kilos and valued at $644,400.



A gold coated Lamborghini, it is not surprise as the middle east counties are filled with gold coated cars. This car is one such of those models where the body is coated with gold. Likewise, we can see Ferrari, Rolls Royce and many more these days.

slide_233502_1112137_freeThe list doesn’t end here, as there are many such crazy and cool items made with gold are available. Air Jordan shoe, a golden wheelchair, Darth Vader mask, gold facial, gold mobile cover and more.


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