Vada Chennai- An Exceptional Film WithIts Raw and Gruesome Violence

Vada Chennai- An Exceptional Film WithIts Raw and Gruesome Violence 1
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Vada chennai

Vada Chennai- The story that captures the gritty, dark bowels of North Chennai that revels its buildings, the roads, the sea breeze and the scent of dry fish with humdrum around is what makes this part of the city a world of its own. Vada Chennai is not about just one character, not just about the search of unyielding power, not about heroics nor just sketch; far more than stereotyped media fed Madras.

The first part of the trilogy is a stunning product of Vetrimaaran’s long research, digs deep into the fascinating world of betrayal, loyalty, land mafia and more; and to think that Vetrimaaran has only scratched the tip of the iceberg is comforting as there are two more parts of Anbu’s game into the realms of true Madras.Vada Chennai’s base storyline is what Tamil Nadu and the entire country is still debating on; Displacement of the local communities to a different region in the name of development.

Later, Dhanush is Anbu, a budding carrom champion, who wants to make it big. His love for Padma (Aishwarya Rajesh) puts him in a spot of bother, he thinks and tries to bring him out of the situation, however, becomes the focal point of the problem and arises to the situation. How he does it and what he will do over the next few parts will be Vada Chennai’s focus.

To put precisely, Vada Chennai is here to stay even if you like it or not. Watch it for the true gutsy performances of the lead characters and well-researched lifestyle of gangster life in North Madras over the last two decades.Watched Vada Chennai? Post your rating and comments below.

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