Video Conferencing 101: Tips for Looking Good on Zoom

Video Conferencing 101: Tips for Looking Good on Zoom 1
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Video Conferencing 101: Tips for Looking Good on Zoom 2
Video Conferencing 101: Tips for Looking Good on Zoom 15

Video conferencing is a great way to stay connected with your team, clients, and prospects. Whether you are using zoom or Google Hangouts, it’s important to know how to look your best.

This blog post will teach you the zoom meeting best practices that all video conference pros follow!

The coronavirus pandemic has caused companies to realize that employees need more options for working from home. When their kids go back to school, Zoom is there to stay for the workplace.

When you are at a video conference, it is important to show that you are professional. Keep these tips in mind.


Lighting is important. Sit with a window in front of you for the best light. If not, use artificial light that is white and sits in front of you.


You need to control your background. Your environment says a lot about who you are.

It is possible that your co-workers have never seen you outside the office. They might not want to see messy dishes or a mess in your living room. Pick something clean that is not busy in the background so people can focus on you and not anything else.

Camera Position

Position the camera right. You want it to be straight on or slightly above your head, pointing down. If it is pointed up at you, you will show off your nose hair and a lot of chin.

Fill the Frame

You should point the camera up and show your face. Point it up so that you are in the middle of the screen. Make sure you smile!

Wear Bright Colors

Some things that are good for you are not good on camera. For example, black clothes do not look as good on TV as they do in real life. Patterns such as checks and florals can have a moiré effect too. Some people like to wear solid colors. Newscasters usually wear colorful clothes because it shows the colors better on camera.

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Use Mute

You can use a headset that has a microphone to spare the other people in the meeting from hearing your noises. You can wear it even if you are working from home.

Tips For Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing 101: Tips for Looking Good on Zoom 16

– Zoom meetings are best for one to three people. If more than three people need to be in the meeting, zoom video should not be your only form of communication. It becomes difficult for everyone on zoom, when there is a lot going on, and it can impair hearing or understanding what’s being said by others as you try to find the zoom window with someone you are speaking to.

– Zoom meetings work best when the zoom link is shared before the meeting starts. This will allow for everyone on the call to be able to have a zoom video that fits their screen size, and it prevents having to search for an appropriate zoom image during your presentation or conversation – meaning less time spent trying to zoom and more time spent engaging in the zoom meeting.

– Zoom meetings work best when everyone on the call has a microphone, but not all video chat programs require this. If you do have audio input, either through your computer or smartphone, make sure to mute it before speaking, so that background noise isn’t picked up by zoom – you won’t be able to zoom and talk at the same time.

– Zoom meetings are best conducted in a quiet room so that there isn’t much background noise. If you must zoom from your office, make sure to put a sign on the door letting any co-workers know not to interrupt or come knock without permission – it can throw off the zoom meeting if there is a knock and the person who knocks doesn’t realize that you can hear them.

– Zoom meetings have one moderator, or zoom chairperson, to ensure all topics are covered in an orderly fashion. This may seem like common sense for video conferencing, but it’s important to remember when conducting a zoom meeting – having a zoom chairperson is not only rude, it’s also difficult to follow who was speaking.

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– Zoom meetings should be moderated so that the zoom window doesn’t move around on its own because of everyone scrolling through their social media feeds while they are zoomed in with other people. If you need to take a break from the meeting, zoom out so that your zoom window is not on the screen.

– Zoom meeting etiquette should be followed at all times with a few exceptions: If you are conducting an interview, it’s best to look directly into the camera and speak while zoomed in – this will allow for eye contact with whoever needs clarification or further explanation. You should zoom out of the meeting for phone calls and other work-related tasks so that the people on your zoom are not distracted by what you’re doing.

– Zoom meetings should only be interrupted if it is an emergency or when one person needs to take a break from their video chat program due to technical difficulties – in these scenarios, zoom out before you zoom in.

Things to avoid in Video Conferencing:

Video Conferencing 101: Tips for Looking Good on Zoom 17

– Do not zoom in on your face

– Don’t wear dark colors or patterns that will be hard to see, such as plaids and stripes.

– Try to avoid wearing black clothing. Black can make you appear lighter than usual and tend to wash out the video feed.  

– Avoid using a webcam with built-in zoom. Zoom settings can be adjusted on the zoom camera, which is better for zoom in and out

– Be aware of lighting conditions; make sure the room you’re meeting in has plenty of light so as not to cast shadows on your face or create a glare while viewing the video.

– Avoid wearing glasses if you are not used to them.

– Sit front and center for the zoom camera, so your head is at a 45-degree angle from the lens of the zoom camera.

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– When in a zoom meeting, do not cover up any part of yourself with laptops or anything else that may obstruct your face. The video feed will be zoomed in, and some viewers may not be able to see you.

– Keep your hands visible at all times when speaking, so it is easier for the video feed to pick up what you are doing.

– Sit straight upright with good posture while meeting on zoom

– Try using a tablet instead of a laptop or phone if you want to zoom in on your face

– Don’t zoom out too much; it will make you look big and far away. Zoomed out is best for group shots or video conferencing with many people at once

– Do not wear a hat unless you have hair so as not to cover up any of the head that may be zoomed in on.

– Do not wear a facial expression that is too animated or exaggerated, as this may be distracting for the zoom camera operator

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In conclusion, zoom meetings are a great way to conduct business or have an important discussion without needing to be in the same location. With these simple tips and tricks for video conferencing on zoom, you will be able to look professional even from across the country!

Bonus Tip: if you have a hard time hearing the person speaking on zoom meetings, zoom into their face and try to use your microphone at full volume when answering questions.

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