Video Marketing Trends & Strategy – Go Live


The heart of your business success lies in its marketing and it plays a vital role in entrepreneurial success. The excellent marketing strategy will bring success for any company and that’s not an easy task. We must take a risk by investing amount on the customer in setting the platform to find out the potential customers for our business. Once we were done we can easily analyze the market and will get solid knowledge about our targeted customers.

The marketing trend is continuously changing and the future markets will revolve around the handy gadgets including mobile phones, tablets, and wearable gadgets. so we need to build a highly personalized relationship between business owner and customer for better engagement.

Video marketing is one of the new additions in our marketing strategies. We can easily reach the targeted audience through this attractive medium.

  • Embedded videos on websites can increase traffic up to 55%
  • Nearly 40% of all video is watched on mobile
  • Nearly 55% of people watch videos online every day
  • 500 million people are watching Facebook videos every day
  • 82% of people watch video content on Twitter
  • 69% of marketing, sales & business professionals have used video marketing

There are a lot of benefits in video marketing. Videos can help automate and speed up your sales cycle faster than any other type of content.Since video clarifies your message and holds your viewer’s attention better than text and this is the right time for the digital marketing company to think about your own video strategy to dominate the social media with digital content.

“Going Live” is the new trend in all social media especially in YouTube there was 80% increase in the live video views in 2017, and Facebook launched 360-degree live video, giving viewers a unique live-viewing experience. So we can engage the people directly and easily with videos in new and creative ways.

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