Video: Will Jupiter’s Absence Impact Life on Earth ?

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Planet Jupiter, The Largest Planet and the Most Massive body following the Sun plays an important role in the dynamics of Solar System. Being Visible to the naked eye, Jupiter is known to mankind since ancient times; In fact, the name Jupiter was named after the Roman’s principal God.  Hindus refer it as Brihaspathi meaning “Teacher of Gods”, Chinese call it Fu Star, to the Babylonians it was Marduk, in Germanic Fables Jupiter is equated to the Norse deity Thor.

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Though the exact impact of this giant gas planet is relatively unknown; current space theories suggests Jupiter acts as a Vacuum Cleaner for the Innermost Planets (Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury) by taking bombardments from comets and meteorites flying from the outer space due its immense gravity. Jupiter receives 200 times comet and asteroid impacts than the Earth.


Another theory suggests Jupiter was primarily responsible in shaping the Solar System from its initial chaotic form. If not for Jupiter, all possibilities of planet formation mainly, the Earth would have been neutralized. The Whole Solar System might have looked like asteroid belt. Check out the below video that gives an excellent visualization of Jupiter’s presence in our Solar System.

COURTESY: Life Noggin (Video) | IbTimes (Cover Image) | Wallup (Inset Image)


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