View and Explore Jupiter 360° along with NASA’s Juno [Video]

NASA’s space probe JUNO moved into Jupiter’s orbit after an exhausting travel of 5 years. Launched on August 2011 from Florida (Cape Canaveral Air Force Station), Juno is the second spacecraft after Galileo to orbit Jupiter. Juno’s objective is learning about Jupiter’s gravity, magnetic field and its structure. Furthermore, Juno will also search for details related to history of Jupiter, its formation and importance to the Solar System.  The spacecraft covered an overall distance of 2.8 billion kilometers from earth to reach Jupiter.

Named after the Roman goddess, the spacecraft carries a memorial plate made of aluminum dedicated to the Italian Astronomer Galileo Galilei. Along with the plate, Juno carries three Lego mini figures depicting Galileo, Juno, the Roman Goddess and Jupiter’s wife and Jupiter. Similar to the plate, the toys too are made of aluminum. Juno has three solar wings that powers the spacecraft and also assists in stabilizing its motion. Juno’s mission will end by Feb 2018 after completing orbiting Jupiter 37 times; later on the spacecraft will burn-up after de-orbiting from Jupiter’s atmosphere.

COURTESY: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Video) | SciNews (Cover Image)

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