Volkswagen Taigo – Everything You Need to Know

volkswagen crossover 2021 - Volkswagen Taigo - Everything You Need to Know
Volkswagen Taigo - Everything You Need to Know 2

The Volkswagen Taigo is a Volkswagen crossover that will be released in 2021. It has sleek styling and an innovative interior with the latest technology. The Taigo comes with up to four engine options, an all-wheel-drive option, and plenty of cargo space for your everyday needs. The Volkswagen Taigo future’s looking bright!

In April, Volkswagen unveiled the Taigo – its latest compact crossover. This is an SUV available in the European market that looks and drives very much like the Nivus crossover available in South American markets.

There’s a lot you need to know about VW Taigo if you’re considering buying one, so here we go:


This compact crossover is new and is based on the MQB-A0 platform. It’s slightly smaller than traditional crossovers, measuring 4266mm in length, 1,757mm in width, and has a wheelbase of 2,566mm.


The Taigo, like the Nivus, will get a few minor tweaks for the European market. The coupe-like sloping roofline at the rear has been retained on this car too, but it should eat into the boot space in comparison with its T-Cross sibling, with 438 liters of storage capacity (in contrast to 455 liters on the T-Cross).


Volkswagen Taigo has a cabin that feels familiar, as the interior of this crossover is similar to recent Volkswagen models, such as the T-Cross and Polo. The amenities include IQ Drive package with fully digital instrument cluster – 9.2″ touchscreen infotainment system or 6.5″ touch screen standard – Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support options.

Powertrain & Transmission

There are two choices of engines for the Volkswagen Taigo. One is a 1-liter engine with either 94 horsepower or 109 horsepower. The other is a 1.5-liter engine that has 148 horsepower.

Transmission options include a manual, a DSG automatic, or a manual. The power goes to the front wheels.

Market, Price, and Timeline

VW Taigo is a car. It will come to Europe, but not to India soon. The VW plant in Spain makes the VW Taigo. Deliveries are expected to start in early 2022, and sales should be higher than the T-Cross’s price because it would go over that car.

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