Volocopter-A Flying Car-Here is a First Look!

Regardless of whether you believe “flying cars” will become a legitimate way to get around, there’s no doubting that people around the world are in love with the idea. There’s always been something inherently cool about the idea of skipping across the sky in a personal vehicle.

The flying car looked like a giant drone took a small remote-controlled flight at the keynote area. It’s an entirely electric volocopter and has a seating capacity of two passengers; however, it was flown empty. It can be operated manually, autonomously, or controlled remotely. The 450Kg volocopter consists of 18 rotors and it’s capable of flying up to 17 miles on a single charge with a cruising speed of 43 mph (max speed 62 mph). For now, the limited range can be compensated using the quickly swappable batteries. So, soon it will hit in the world until now, just watch this video!

Courtesy:The Verge

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