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Competitiveness at workplace is continuously evolving considering the employees mindset. As human beings we tend to create a sense of habit so that our brains feel easy to do tasks. When we establish routines, we can accomplish our tasks faster as it doesn’t involve starting from the scratch every time. Regardless of whatever industry we are into, there are always working to complete on any given day.

Effective people consider these as challenges and a chance for them to grow by accomplishing it accordingly. There is a false notion at workplace that, spending more time at work mean that we are effective without even completing any given task. After analyzing we have brought you tips which will make anyone to be effective at work by being smart rather working harder for long hours.



In a book “4-hour work week” authored by Tim Ferris, it is said that “You can get done 80% of your work in just 20% of your time. We people often look someone who is spending all day at the cubicle as the hard worker who is getting a lot done. In reality, there are people who without other people getting them noticed get their work in a reasonable short amount of time. We must not measure our time at office rather only to be focused on the results. Buy the book “4-hour work week” and become super effective at your workplace immediately. Buy Now


Enabling ourselves to a routine is not a cat walk for every one of us. If we become a little result oriented person then it turns us into a positive attitude to create a routine. Create yourself a routine by dedicatedly working at your task for a continuous amount of time without giving any attention to things which may kill your productivity. For example, do not check emails immediately after getting to work rather get done one of your works and then open up your email box. Instead of starting by working for others task you may get your task done and move on to help others, this way you will feel a lot smarter and effective.


We definitely have a lot of simple manual tasks which individually consume a lot of our time at work. With simple Python programs you may easily automate your tasks and save a lot of time to become effective at work. The book we suggest is the “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python: Practical Programming for Total Beginners” which uses the Python language to create programs of all kinds. The author Jason Cannon designs this guide book in such a way that it will help you to create practical applications to solve your everyday tasks easily. Buy Now


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