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Needless to say, Video is the trend on the Internet as every other content creator started making videos. We have consumed numerous varieties of content say Images, Video, PDF, GIF, presentation and lots more. What is most efficient and simplest to convey the message to our audience? It is the video content that doing the trick. Several digital associates are incorporating video marketing strategies into this service program.

Billions around the world just scroll their news feed on Facebook, and come across a ton of lovable video content. Once you watch the video then you will be listed with suggested videos by Facebook below the active video.


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We have been watching “n” number of videos on our news-feed now and then. Most of the time we end with watching a ton of videos and when we want to get back to certain video, we might have lost the track to find it. Do not worry, here are the steps to find track of all the videos you have watched on Facebook.

1) Go to your profile.
2) Click on “View Activity Log”.
3) Look on the left side under “Filters”.
4) Click on “Video watched” and you will be listed with the full list.

From here you can view the video you have watched, and if you want you do other actions as well.

  1. Watch all the videos you have watched in one place.
  2. Delete a certain video from the watched list by selecting “Edit” and then click on “Delete”.
  3. You can clear the video watched history by clicking on “Clear Video Watch History”.

For now there doesn’t seems to be any feature available to pause the video watched history.

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