Want to know a simple trick to become a pro? Check this out

Want to know a simple trick to become a pro? Check this out 1
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I will not call it the rate race as many others do, but a competitive edge in succeeding. We tend to get caught in our daily activities and often forget to find innovative ideas which can improve our lives. Do not worry for today as I am bringing a simple trick to become a pro in anything you love. This idea is an inspiration from the Greek method of progressive training done by Milo of Croton.

Before we begin, let me make it clear to you this one thing. There is nothing like becoming a millionaire in a short period of time. The real iron man Mr. Elon Musk, CEO of TESLA motors says “When others work 8 hours a day, you work 14 hours and you will achieve in 3 months that what he achieve in a year”. So be clear that without dedicating enough time and putting enough effort over a continuous period of time you will find impossible to conquer.

Milo of Croton

Image Source: https://stronglifts.com

Milo of Croton – Greek method of progressive training:

He was a 6th century BC wrestler from the Magna Graecian city of Croton, who achieved medals in six consecutive Olympics. He was considered the greatest and strongest wrestler of Greece. In modern day Olympics we are witnessing Usain Bolt done it in 3 consecutive Olympics but how could Milo done it for six times? Well he had a trick to accomplish this great feet.

What is the trick that will make you great at anything?

Well it is the training methodology you follow in whichever area you are passionate about. The Milo of Croton, started his training by lifting a new born calf when he started his career, but his competitors were trying to lift an adult bull instead. Doesn’t matter what others think about it, what matters is “What you think about yourselves”. Milo carried the calf daily which doesn’t weight much when compared to the adult bull. But he still continued to lift the calf all day without major breaks. As days goes by the calf grew slowly and so did Milo’s strength.

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This led him to lift a bull over time effortlessly, but his fellow competitors were still trying to life the bull but couldn’t be successful. So never question your ability when others are succeeding other than you but you will surely excel one day like Milo sooner. In order to achieve in your career or life, you don’t need a calf or a bull but a connection with your passion and practice it day and night without diverting yourself to occasional comforts. When you give all you got, you get what you want. All the best.

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