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What comes to your mind when I tell you this country name, Somalia. Hold on to that thought, do you want to know the real face of Somalia which the Media & Hollywood hiding from us for a long time now. I am so happy to bring this to you as it is about unfolding the myth of this African nation. Somalia much like any other African country considered to be a peaceful but what the society depicts are horrendous.

May be due to its specialty of having the longest coastline on Africa’s mainland, the US media & movies antagonize them. The country has a long history dating back to 4th millennium BCE. Such a vast country and enriching culture but how come it was framed as poor and children die their without food. One drawback is the piracy of ships and smuggling in the Somalian waters gave them the bad name. Other than that, Somalia is a beautiful country with amazing citizens strolling the northern parts of Africa.



These are the common pictures swirling around the internet by tagging Somalia but don’t think there is a lot more beautiful things present as well expect these in this nation. Somalia has an underutilized store of natural resources and no one really working on to abduct them at this time. A fellow Somalian shared the below pictures which was taken by his brother who is a local photographer in the colony. There is life in Somalia as well, the world should shed more faith and harmony in this part of the earth, peace out.

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