Want to Know Why You Are Having Pain in Your Rib During Pregnancy

Rib Pain
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Rib Pain

Pregnancy is a stage where women see so many changes in their bodies and experience lots of things during this stage. Even they experience a wide range of uncomfortable experiences during pregnancy. And among all, the common complaint is rib pain, which has several causes that vary from different stages of pregnancy.

In maximum cases, the causes of rib pain are not harmful. The fetus, which is growing inside the body of a woman, often causes aches and pains around the ribs due to their position in the womb. But sometimes, rib pain happens because of medical complications, so it is crucial to know the early signs of warning.

In this article, we will see the causes of rib pain and what the symptoms are, how to get relieved from pain and when to see a doctor.

Causes of Rib Pain :

The common cause of rib pain during pregnancy varies by gestation period. There are the following reasons why this happens:

  • Pressure from the Growing Fetus

The uterus expands upward to accommodate the developing fetus in the late second gestation period and third gestation period. With time, as the fetus gets larger and larger, they start to press against the ribs. Having the extra weight of the fetus can also cause more strain on the muscles around the abdomen, which can put additional pressure on the rib and then it causes pain in that area. If the pain is mild to moderate, then nothing to worry about, but if the pain is severe, then it is best to see and consult your doctor.

  • Position of the Fetus

Mostly, at the end of the second gestation period, the fetus changes its position and turns upside down, so then the head is facing down and the feet are pointing towards the ribs.

In this new phase, the fetus puts more pressure on the ribs, and it causes severe aches in the muscles.

  • Constipation 
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Constipation is one of the reasons for the pain in the abdomen and infrequent or delayed bowel movements that can be unbearable when they occur. Sometimes, a pregnant woman can also feel pain in the upper abdomen and under the ribs because of constipation.

  • Heartburn 

In pregnancy, the body produces a hormone known as relaxin. This hormone is responsible for preparing the muscles and ligaments for birth. But, it causes pain in different areas of the body, including around the pelvis and the ribs. This pain can sometimes be due to heartburn. Relaxing relaxes the esophagus and it causes heartburn.

  • Diagnosis 

A doctor often does a physical examination to help them diagnose the causes of the rib pain. There are so many best doctors all over India which carry out the reasons very smoothly and without any further problems. There is the best fertility hospital in Chennai, where they have the best fertility specialist. You can and visit them without even have a second thought in your mind.

Pregnancy is a very crucial stage and the best feeling for any lady, so don’t ruin it. Go and consult a doctor before it’s too late.

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