Sun can be a major source of Vitamin D supplements to your body but doing it the wrong way might impact your skin and cause severe damage. Even though one cannot get the whole amount of vitamin D which his or her body needs only from sun, can also be received from various other things. You must expose your bare body in the sun during the summer to get the Vitamin D supplements and to avoid tanning or sunburn issues. Here are few vital tips on how you can protect your skin from sun damage and do things the right way.


The nature has provided many beautiful things to mankind, the sun is one of those amazing things. The constant movement from east to west and bringing the light to everyone’s life. But the worst part is that it can cause more damage by simply giving you a painful sunburn to your skin at times.

the word sun written with sunblock on the back of a man who is sunbathing on the beach
the word sun written with sunblock on the back of a man who is sunbathing on the beach

So, in order to avoid that, you must limit your body’s direct exposure to sun during these hours (10 AM to 4 PM local time), it will be intense. Do not feel shy to have sunscreen on a workplace or in neighborhood, you can simply apply the sunscreen for 20 to 30 minutes before you get outdoor. The usual coat of sunscreen will smoothen the white shade on your body and will be not visible from far but the result will be evident.


Considering our lifestyle and the profession we are into, many of us were required to be outdoors even during this time range. At these time, you must no simply cover up your face rather use a bit of sunscreen on your face.

After all, it the health which is primary for us to lead a happy life. Skin experts suggest that hats and clothing wear which were made of dark colors absorb ultraviolet light higher than the other. So, choose your wear wisely when you are planning to step of your home or office.

Overall, you must check on the weather stats properly as at times you may end up fooled by its fake dark clouds. So, precautionary measures should be taken seriously even when the sun is bright and also when it is partially bright too.

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