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In today’s life, many of us are working for a Multinational Company (MNC) irrespective of whatever graduate streams we have attained. Corporate are looking for candidates who can outperform their peers and lead the business by continually thriving for more successes.

They were not really focused about a candidate’s educational background they focus on the Pressure Handling Mechanisms, Team Building Professionals, Expressive Associate in nature. To detail and stress further on this, we have brought you few business etiquettes you can follow at your work to achieve greater success to yourself and the employer.



Let’s imagine its your first day at work, you will be given Induction (Introduction about the organization) and then you will have introduced to your teammates and vice versa. Here is the first interaction is going to happen with your teammates and supervisors. The first thing you will doing is to handshake, and when you do that, you should look directly into the person’s eyes with a little smile in your chins.


Common mistakes that new comers do at workplace is to shy away from involving themselves at all. Of course, at workplace there will be all kinds of people present but do not let that make yourself isolated. Don’t care about what others would judge on your activities, rather be yourself and talk with everyone in the team equally. Giving special attention to few people may end up in group-ism and that’s not good at workplace at all.


People generally say “Throw the ball at other’s court to be safe at your end”. This will not help at workplace, you must take the ownership during any rough situations and work on to ease up the same. When there is a service failure at work, don’t just shout or point someone else to fix it rather you must quickly figure out the issue and act on the immediate resolutions to make business function as usual (BAU).


People give respect to people who express themselves in front of everyone, and one who is proactively ready to take on any problems, and who treats everyone else in the equal manner irrespective of how treat them back. To learn more about corporate etiquette and to get to greater heights you must read the Everything About Corporate Etiquette book by Vivek Bindra.


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