Want to succeed in life? Keep it simple and never stop to do your part

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Doesn’t matter where you stand now, you can always improve yourself if you have the right attitude for growth. The right attitude is having the right thinking at right times. Nothing in life is going to be the same for a long duration. Winter arrives and makes way for the spring and then comes the summer, and then the autumn. Life is no game of thrones to have winter for too long, and don’t be too much worried for what (winter) isn’t here for now.

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Do your part and believe it is for the good and eventually there will be success. You define your success and don’t measure success as someone’s acceptance of you. There is a great book written by James Altucher, you must read it. Choose Yourself, Be Happy and Live Your Dreams – Buy Now


As an individual you have to push yourself to the worst to find your best. Following is a beautiful story about two bottles. Doesn’t matter what is your capability, you are useful in its own way. You move ahead and let someone toss the coin, don’t be worried whether you are a heads or a tails.

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