Water Birth Pregnancy – Everything You Need To know

Water Birth
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Water Birth

Birthing choice is up to you during pregnancy! Some choices are easy to make while others need some knowledge and considerations. Luckily, there are plenty of birthing choices but there isn’t the one that suits for everyone. Among the one is dubbed as the “Water Birth Pregnancy.”

Do you wish to have your baby without any medication and an array of beeping medical equipment in the room? If it’s your choice, then water birth labor seem like an appealing option. So, what is water birth pregnancy?

What is Water Birth?

While choosing the water birth pregnancy, plenty of moms spend their labor or delivery in a birthing pool filled with warm water. Yes, during a water birth, you’ll be submerged in stationery or inflatable tub filled with water. However, being in water during labor keep you more relaxing and soothing than being out of water.

The water birth can support your weight and make you easier to move around and feel more in control during pregnancy. If you’d like to give birth in a water tub at home or in a hospital, talk to your fertility specialist in Chennai to discuss the facilities available in your area.

How Will You Prepare For Water Birth?

For those, who decided to undergo water birth, here are some of the criteria necessary for water birth.

  • Check your blood pressure, pulse rate and other medical consideration before proceeding water birth.
  • Buy a birthing pool if necessary but most of the healthcare centers will have them.
  • To prevent dehydration, keep a bottle of fresh drinking water in handy.
  • Have a pack of clean clothes, warm towels since your birthing plan occurs in water.
  • Pick up a range of bikini top or other cove ups to wear during bath, which makes you feel comfortable.

Who are all ideal To undergo Water Birth Pregnancy?

  • For those who need healthy pregnancy with no such complications and looking for natural pain relief.
  • Baby is ready and waiting in the normal position.
  • Mother who aged between 17 and 35 years old.
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In addition to this, there are some circumstances when a water birth isn’t recommended. Here it is,

  • If you have a chornic health conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, heart problem, high blood pressure and pre-eclampsia.
  • If your baby is very small or not been grown very well during pregnancy.
  • If your labour has been induced.

Potential Upsides For Water Birth

Manage Anxiety & Fear

Most of the women who prefer water birth in a birth because of the relaxation and benefits of water. Yes, the contractions out of the tub were incredibly making you felt with a wave of relief and comfort from the warm water. Moreover, due to the buoyancy of the water has the tendency to move around and change the positions accordingly.

In addition to this, water birth lowers your blood pressure and makes you feel relaxed and brings on contractions. These contractions lowers your anxious and help you de-stress.

Efficient & Less Painful

Whether you choose water birth or not, the main motivation for water birth pregnancy is to get a natural pain relief. The warmth of the water relieves pain, but it mainly makes you feel relaxed and less fearful. When your body submerged in water, the flight and fight hormones called noradrenaline and adrenaline. These hormones release when you are feeling anxious or threatened and thus give you natural pain relief.

Makes you Feel Satisfied

As per the recent survey, the women who used a birthing pool reflect a positive birthing experience. Yes, they can retain their control of labor and birth, gains comfort and relief, make you feel insulated and protected. Overall, it gives you satisfied birth experience and avoids medical forms of pain relief.

No Need For Oxytocin Drip

If you’re experiencing a difficult labour or you feel you are not progressing you may feel concerned or anxious. In that case, most of the experts from the best fertility hospitals in Chennai stimulate oxytocin drip. So that, the baby can move down, push out of the placenta and limit bleeding at the side of placenta. Luckily, some studies revealed that women who used the bath were less likely to need an oxytocin drip to augment their labour.

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