Ways to Select the Right Software Test Automation Tool

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In today’s scenario, test automation tools are grabbing the eyeballs of the various enterprises in order to utilize its benefits and to speed up the project deliverables. So, many of the enterprises are looking to select the right automation tool for testing their requirements. However, we have been trying our hands-on test automation tools for quite some time, let’s have a detailed discussion on how an enterprise needs to evaluate their test automation requirements in order to finalize a perfect test automation tool.

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Ways to Select Right Software Test Automation Tool

  • Determine Whether You Actually Require Manual Testing/Automation Testing

First of all, you need to clearly understand whether your current software testing projects need manual or Automated testing. Here comes a question when to do Manual Testing and When to do Automated Testing? The answer to this question can be sought only after the careful consideration of several factors that affect your testing.

As a tester, you have to rely on the automated testing tools to help them deliver defect-free products, we have put across a series of questions, which help you choose the best type of testing according to your needs and resources.

  • How often do you plan to run a test suite?
  • How many test cases are you looking at testing?
  • Do you need to run the test cases in a pre-determined order?
  • Do the test cases need to be updated constantly?
  • Are you planning on the simultaneous running of test cases?
  • Do you need to test single functionality with multiple datasets?

The answer to the above questions may help you decide on the kind of testing that must be chosen, one needs to take a decision based on experience and availability of expertise as well.

  • Prepare yourself for choosing the automated software testing tool

While considering test automation tools for your current or future automation testing requirements, you need to be explicit about the following things.

  • What are your testing requirements?

Sometimes, there might be projects where you only need to perform load testing or most of the time, there will be requirements for only web testing or mobile testing or web services testing. So, you need to have a clarity in setting the criteria for selecting the automation testing tool.

  • How complex is your application testing requirement?

It is highly required to have a deep understanding of the application being tested and its technologies involved. Also, if possible, ensure you have all this information well-documented in order to showcase a business case for a particular test automation tool.

  • Do you have skilled resources?

You have prepared the documents that have the details of the application testing requirements. Well, now it’s time to find out whether your organization has enough skilled resources to handle that particular testing project as well as the new automated testing tool.

  • How much you want to invest?

When working on finalizing the budget to purchase the test automation tool, you also need to make sure, you have the prices of all the tools available on hand. See, before experimenting, you’re not going to finalize the tool. However, to get the budget approved by the top management, you will require the prices of the overall software test automation tools available in the industry.

  • Experiment Various Software Test Automation Tools

Now your testing requirements set, you now need to move towards experimenting the leading automated software testing tools of the industry. There are various tools for various testing requirements. But, you need to identify which tool will be the best fit for your requirements. Start analyzing various software testing tools by downloading their trial versions available.

  • Wrapping Up

That’s it! You’ve now selected your best automation testing tools that suits your project needs. Without wasting a moment further, discuss with your team and decision influencers about introducing test automation tools for your current & upcoming testing projects.


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