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Indian packaging industry is growing day today. It has a commercial influence on all industries either directly or indirectly. The annual growth rate of this sector is about 15 per cent per year. Attractive packaging of materials will more attract the customers to buy their product. Packaging is also one of the criteria of business strategies and this packaging can increase the overall growth rate of the company. In recent days, brochure printing techniques are used in the packaging industries. In India, the fastest-growing packaging sectors are laminates and flexible packaging like woven sacks and PET.

Profitable Business Ideas in Packaging Industries

India’s retailers growth, eCommerce development and increased the consumption of consumer products create a demand for packaging in the country. Here are some of the smart packaging business ideas mentioned below;

Aluminium foil

Aluminium foils are used in different industries for different purposes and it is also used by small budget roadside stores. They are used in the packaging of pharmaceutical tablets, packaging of tea and coffee powders, prepared meals, frozen meat, fish, milk bottle caps, lube oil, wine and some more products.

Air bubble sheet

This sheet is making with other allied products is one of the profitable venture in this packaging industries. Other than bubble sheet, air bubble roll, air bubble bags can also be used according to your clients. It has scratch protection and it is used to protect the materials during shipping and storage.

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Blood bags

This bag is only use for blood holding and it is from medical grade good quality PVC granules.

Cardboard box

They are generally used in the packaging of glass wares, garments, toys, gift items, gadgets and some of the leather items like shoes etc. The manufacturing process of cardboard is very simple at the same time it is one of the profitable business idea.

Corrugated Box

They are lightweight and highly durable. Corrugated boxes are one of the most potential packaging options for bulk packaging.

Jute Bag

Jute bags are commercially used in the packaging of food grains, livestock feed packaging, seed packaging, etc., and the domestic usage of jute bag is as the shopping bag. They are also used for promoting their products.

Pet Bottle

Pet jar production is one of the most profitable manufacturing opportunity in polymer and plastic industry.  It is used in the food and beverage industries. This pet bottle is an essential item for industrial packaging.

Pilfer Proof Caps

Aluminium pilfer proof caps are a very essential item of a liquid packaging industry. Their most common application areas are chemicals, distillers as glass bottle closures and in pharmaceuticals sectors.

Aluminium can

These cans are essential in industries like beverage production, one of the unique quality of this aluminium can is they can hold carbonated beverages.

Paper Bag

This paper bag packaging is used in overall Indian packaging industries. Paper bag can be used upon the need. Unique quality of this bag is recyclable and eco-friendly.

Brochure Printing

Another profitable idea is brochure printing, it is creative and little easy thing to do. Each brochure is get differs from others. Unique styles and techniques are used in brochure printing in Sivakasi and they visualize many new ideas through their brochure.

Above mentioned ideas can help you if you are looking for an smart packaging business.

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