What are the Basic Preventive Measures that You Can Take?

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Prevention begins with you, as an individual. Stay aware of the latest updates on the outbreak. Most people who get affected, have shown the symptoms of mild illness but recovered soon after, however for others it could get severe.

It is very important for you take the right steps to protect yourself first. There are a few standard guidelines that you must follow during this situation, that would also further protect those around you as well. These include-

Cover your Mouth and Nose When you Cough / Sneeze:

Make sure that you cover your mouth and nose, with your bent elbow or with a tissue, when you cough or sneeze. It is also important to dispose the used tissue immediately. By doing this, even if you are sick, you protect those around you from being affected by common viruses.

Wash your Hands Frequently:

Clean your hands with any alcohol-base hand wash and water or with sanitizer regularly. Washing your hands at regular intervals would kill the viruses that may be present in your hand.

Drink Hot Water Regularly:

Frequently drinking water, at intervals of every 15 minutes, could help you flush out any toxins in your body.

Stay at Home and Practice Proper Hygiene:

If you seem to have cold and flu, stay at home. In case it gets severe, like with fever, dry cough and difficulty in breathing, you are advised to seek medical help. Don’t ignore to follow the measures conveyed by your local health authority, as they would be updated on the situation in your area.

Maintain Social Distancing:

It is necessary to maintain at least 1-meter distance or avoid close contact between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing. As inhaling this air could get you infected, maintaining distance and avoiding crowded places is very important.

Lastly and most importantly, do no panic. Be prepared and also stay updated on the latest developments of the situation. Protect yourself and others.

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