What is email list building & its impact on your brand/business?

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Anyone who starts an online business wants to increase sales as much as possible. The question is, how do you do it?  You have joined countless Facebook “mastermind” groups, listened to podcasts, and heard so many “tips & tricks” on a daily basis that your head is spinning. While searching for answers on how to make money online, one of the tricks you may have come across is the “Email List Building”.

If you’re not building an email list, you’re making a huge mistake. Yes, when I ran ad-based websites, I thought to myself, “Why would I ever want to build an email list?”I didn’t want emails. I wanted page views because more page views meant more ad revenue today!

How dumb, right? Instead of an email list, I had preferred page views. Fast forward to today, I see people making the same mistake I made years ago. Instead of building their email list, they’re focusing on pointless things like social media or worse page views (STILL!).

Some of you may not even have the faintest idea of how to start one, or what to do once you do muddle through the tech to set it up!

Most of all, you can’t make sense of why this even applies to you at all.

And that’s why I want to share with you why building your email list is vital. Before that, do you have any idea regarding email listing? Well, here it is!

What is an email list?

An email list contains a list of emails that businesses have gathered from visitors/customers that would like to receive information, updates, discounts, and other details about your business in a digital format that is sent to their email inbox.

There are multiple methods you can use to collect this data and build your own email lists. You’ll also find many email marketing services that can help you to store the data of your email lists and send personalized emails to all your subscribers easily.

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These email marketing services were built to promote your business and maximize your revenue.

For example, you can get permission from your users by adding a check option on the subscription form to send regular updates, promotional content, and greetings to them.

Think Smart! Act Smart- Kick Start Email List Using These Tools

To proceed with email list building, choosing the right platform with powerful stuff will drive more results. Choosing the right tool will depend on many factors based on the wants and needs of your company, but you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Check out the top-most email marketing platform such as

For the most part, they all will have similar features and benefits. It all depends on your preferences for the interface, pricing, and other factors.

Compare at least a few of these choices before deciding. Plus, you’d spend way more time than you needed to if you did this manually. We both know how much you value your time, so take advantage of any available time-saving marketing tools.

How Email List Impact Your Business?

Your Product/Brand Reach Your Customers Easily

As per the study, there are over 3.6 billion email users. That’s more than half of the planet. By 2021, the number will reach 4.2 billion!

In addition, studies show at least 91% of consumers check their email at least once a day. You can go days without checking your social media. These numbers are part of why building an email list is a no-brainer for smart businesses.

When you send an email, your words are delivered directly to someone’s inbox. However, due to the nature of social media, your customer is much more likely to miss your update in their feed.

This shows why email lists are important and much more effective at getting your message in front of your customer than social media.

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Get your Visitors to Return

It’s a scary but true fact. More than 70% of people leaving your website never return. For proof, just take a look at your Google Analytics and check out the percentage of new vs returning visitors.

And your visitors are valuable. Out of all the websites in the world, they’ve ended up on yours. What you don’t want is to miss the chance to turn a casual web surfer into an avid fan who visits your site all the time.

People are much more likely to come back to your website when they see an email in their inbox from you. Invite them back with another great post, a well-written announcement, or a special sale.

You’ll Have Control Over Your Business

Social media is absolutely imperative to growing a profitable business online. However, there is one big thing wrong with Facebook or Instagram, Twitter, etc is, you have zero control.

So, what does this mean? It means there might be a chance that Facebook could shut down, or more likely revise their policies and find something wrong with your account.

All the hours, days, weeks, years, you’ve spent growing your profile could be gone. Facebook has already done it; in fact, they do it all the time with their ads platform!

And thankfully, you have all the control over your email list. Getting complete control over your subscriber list and focusing on building your email list is a smart business move.

You’ll Make More Money

Imagine that each one of your website visitors is a lead. Doesn’t it make sense to ask for their info so you can follow-up with them?

You already know they’re interested in your niche since they’re on your site. Because of this, subscribers are much more likely to become buyers.

Since these people joined your email list from your site, you know they’re already very interested in what you’re offering.

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Your subscribers put in the work to hear from you! Also, since the average ROI on email marketing is 4300%, it ends up being incredibly inexpensive.

Builds Trust

Sending emails to your customer builds trust between you and them. When people read an email from you, they do it in the privacy of their inbox. It’s not a message displayed publicly on a billboard or a social media timeline.

It’s a more intimate way to communicate. Because email lists let customers feel like they’re part of a private conversation, they can ask you questions confidently by replying to your message. This helps to build trust and a connection.

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