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As human beings, we have progressed a long way from prehistoric stone age. Things have improved being from where we live, how we live, how we communicate with others, how we enjoy life and many more.

In today’s world, we the current generation youths were so caught up with the internet technologies and the growth it brings to oneself. Sadly, we get depressed most of the time by envying our colleagues, friends and neighbors due to lack of perspective.

Image credits: Blogger
Image credits: Blogger


We aim for a luxurious life within a short span of time, some able to do it but many cannot. Well, the web has filled with a lot of questions like the “how to become a millionaire in two years?”, “how to become a billionaire in five years?” and so on.

These words millionaire and billionaire were so acclaimed that it brings absolute harmony everyone who thinks about it. It is good to aim big but we were not so dedicated to get through it due to the same internet technology distractions.


If you think you are going nowhere in life, just give yourself some time and take a deep breath. Current fast-paced lifestyle makes us to hurry to get an own house, a car, a girl friend/boyfriend, and so on.

We simply get dejected when things go wrong and not happening in the way we expecting it to be. So, just slow down and look around to find the reality how one can be really grow by understanding the growth paradigms.


Due to the consumption of information through improper medium we were forced to perceive things in the other way. We believe life is a race and we are scared of being left behind if we don’t scale big fast enough. This made the age of achievement to decrease to a bare minimum.

Needless to mention that twelve-year-olds are developing codes and selling websites, fifteen-year-olds running a successful internet companies. People have become capable of achieving big in too little but only some people.


We have to look for growth in a sustainable way, in the sense we can be able to maintain at a certain rate or level. Spend your time polishing your personality, acquiring new skills, learning a new language, create yourself to be the person you want to see in the future not just tomorrow.

Image credits: Success Story
Image credits: Success Story

Create a personality that will reflect your thoughts, passion, love to be succeeded through hard work. Remember, everybody has their own pace. So, work towards your goal at your own pace, do not compare with others and get dejected of not achieving in time. Everybody has their own timeline. We aren’t saying no to achieve big in short time rather we meant to convey that we should be respect our work and style and not compare it with others to reach success.

Image credits: geckoandfly
Image credits: geckoandfly

Nawazuddin Siddiqui growth…

Image credits: Quora
Image credits: Quora

“I got a role of one second in my first movie then for 1 min 1 sec and then for 1 min 50 sec..Films didn’t happen by chance And I too wasn’t Prepared, didn’t win any lottery. It took me 12 years to realize the whole system.

Image credits: Quora
Image credits: Quora

“Till then one episode of Ekta Kapoor’s Serial used to take one day to shoot completely but due to actors like me it used to take one and half days for the shoot because of more lightings”.

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