What’s Next In Future? Six Trends for the Print Industry in 2018

printing strategy
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printing strategy

It is possible that many times you have asked how to get printing and binding services. If you are part of a publishing house or work in a printing house you will know it perfectly, but it is a process whose knowledge is useful for anyone.

It is important that writers, booksellers, designers or teachers become familiar with terms such as types of cover, paperweight, and type of printing, binding, flaps, and book dividers. Print books are a service that we need if we write a book, a thesis doctoral or a final master’s degree project.

If you want to print professional quality books you should go to a professional printing company, it would be very complicated with a home printer to get books to print with good finishing because you have to add cover and binding. If you are a writer you could also do it through an editorial that will manage the entire process. However, technological modernization has made possible that in recent years the process has become cheaper and that your books to print are ready in a short time, in the amount you need and without exorbitant costs.

The file, the basis for printing books

The printing of a book is based first on the digital file that you deliver in the printing press. The design of the book is essential to print books. You must bear in mind that the accepted format is the pdf including margins and bleeding. The fonts of the letters included in the book have to be embedded and you must deliver two files, one with the inside of the book to print and another with the covers.

Basic information on how to print a book

Based on the design we will know the size of the book. This can be diverse, from more rectangular to more square sizes; also the number of pages; and you must communicate the number of units to be printed.  The advance of digital printing has made it no longer mandatory to make large print runs when it comes to printing books.

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Based on all these options, the workshop will follow the necessary steps to print books that will begin with the review and validation of files to follow the chain in different steps with the interior printing, printing of covers, guillotining, binding and everything so that your printed book is a reality.

We understand that if you are looking for an option on how to print a book with the professional quality it will be a registered book, for this, you will have to process the ISBN, which is the international identification number that indicates that the work is published.

How to print a book? The direct answer

Therefore, in response to the question How to print a book?  The direct way is to go to a printing company and request a budget to print books. You could also choose to use the printer in your home and staple the sheets, sew them with thread or bind them with comb, but it will be quite deficient, you will not have a book with professional finish and today, the evolution of printing methods have made It is only a matter of a few days that you have your perfectly printed book on the shelf with the finish of any bestseller.

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