WhatsApp Marketing vs SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing – Significant Results

WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp, being the must-have app in all smartphones and have reached more than 1300 million users worldwide, which is more than other famous social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

For this wide range of popularity, this application has turned out to be an excellent marketing tool for business. This means that most people who make up your target audience use this application. Being a private chat messenger, this application allows users to share text, video, audio, document messages for free.

WhatsApp is changing digital marketing, it is considered as a part of your marketing tool to communicate with your customers by sharing proposals, promotions, and informational messages directly and in real-time. WhatsApp also has a Groups function, which allows creating a group of 256 members.

WhatsApp groups are extremely useful for organizing sales events and sharing information with clients with specific profiles. WhatsApp status is another excellent function to promote your offers and other information without directly send a message to people.

WhatsApp development is still growing to innovate, this is considered as an ideal marketing tool to reach out a wide range of audiences and promote your products and services.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing, is an old and traditional advertising methodology, has a history of top-rated marketing methods. Although marketers may feel that texting is invasive, many consumers are now familiar with the text.

SMS is a cost-effective messaging way with limitations in text characters.SMS Marketing is permission-based, thus each customer must have given permission to the company to send text messages to their mobile phone.

SMS is a personalized method of direct marketing with people, it gives marketers a way to reach their audience located anywhere and at any time and spread their promotions. SMS can be a two-way interaction also by offers to get feedback from the audience.

This leads to a healthy conversation with the audience and turns out to be a leads conversion. Overall, SMS to determine engagement with your business, to remind customers about your brand, and reward your key supporters.

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Email Marketing

Email offers more opportunities for business development. It allows making a deeper relationship with a large number of potential customers. Email marketing allows you to create more targeted and personalized messages to customers or audiences.

This further helps to build a healthy relationship with them. Through email, you can send text, images, videos, and audio messages, or any attached documents to attract an audience. The design options help you to convey your business branding.

Email is again cost-effective marketing method than other marketing strategies.  Overall, Email marketing is a targeted, shareable, credible, measurable, and cost-effective tool for business promotion. In today’s digital world, email marketing tends to take a backseat. However, if you have not considered email marketing for your business already, now is the time.

Apart from these digital marketing methods, traditional print media marketing has its own value to reach out audience. Many high tech printing service provides met pet printing offers plenty of brochures, flyers, and magazine printing. It’s time to try out and get benefited.

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