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WhatsApp two new features on its beta
WhatsApp two new features on its beta

WhatsApp, the instant messaging application used by billions of people in the world testing two interesting features. The company started by former employees of Yahoo later acquired by the social networking heavyweight Facebook in 2014. WhatsApp always amazes us with its amazing features like formatting text, voice message, free WhatsApp calling and many more. Now this year, two new features are rolled out into the beta for testing and expected for a general release at the earliest.

WhatsApp lets users to share messages, photos, videos, GIF, documents, and more. Earlier GIF can be shared only by saving the file in the local device. We have search externally for GIF on third party online applications. Now we can search the GIF internally within the WhatsApp application itself. This search gets us results from the popular GIF platform GIPHY. In order to use this feature you must have the version 2.17.6 or later. We no longer require downloading GIF’s in prior to share to our circle.

Also another feature is the ability to share 30 media files in one go, tripling the earlier limit of 10 media files per time. Earlier we have to select multiple times for sending files more than the number of 10. We can upload multiple files for sharing with our instantly without restricting to the earlier limit of 10.

We have wait and learn how this feature will be utilized by various users across the world. For example, there are lots of possibilities opened up for Digital Marketing with this feature. WhatsApp has already seen as an effective tool for viral marketing.

How to use the feature in Android & iOS:

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First of all, please make sure you have the mentioned version 2.17.6 or later. For iOS users, open the application and open any particular chat. Click the ‘+’ button and click on ‘Photo & Video Library’ option. Now in the down left corner you can find a search GIF option, click on it. That’s it you can find a world of GIF already there and you can search for specific GIF’s with the help of the search box.

WhatsApp GIF search option in iOS
WhatsApp GIF search option in iOS

If you an Android user, then follow this instruction to use the GIF search feature. As usual open the WhatsApp application and any specific chat. Towards the bottom part of the application you will find the keyboard tap on the emoji button in the text box. There you can find the option to search GIF near the emoji button.

Search for your favourite GIF in WhatsApp
Search for your favourite GIF in WhatsApp

Please note this is a beta test from WhatsApp and company is yet to release an official announcement on these two features. Until then stay tuned. It has been heard that not everyone have received both feature. In my case, I am able to see the GIF feature on my WhatsApp application but not able to send more than 10 files at a time at this point of time.

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