Who won the Best Picture Oscar? Trump or Hillary? Twitter reactions for the Oscars

Moonlight wins the best picture Oscar
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The 89th Academy Awards ceremony has been unfolded in a dramatic manner with little chaos. Among the many nominations only a few movies that got the most of it and eventually grabbing the Oscars. ‘La La Land’ movie team were already cherishing their other Oscars and waiting for the Best Picture results to be unfolded. For a few moments, there were some confusions and a human error correction made ‘La La Land’ movie the best picture award with high drama. Jordan Horowitz is the man of the moment who didn’t hesitate even a second to get the truth out to all.

La La Land
La La Land

‘La La Land’ the colorful musical and bittersweet love story by Damien Chazelle won several Oscars on this auspicious day. Whereas the movie ‘Moonlight’ on the other end grabbing awards as equal as the movie ‘La La Land’. The drama happened on both of these movies for the Best Picture award. For ‘Moonlight’ team, fate was playing on their Oscars and they might have worried for a moment when ‘La La Land’ announced as the Best Picture winner. But to their luck, things went their way ‘La La Land’ who called upon the stage for the best picture oscar didn’t have the chance to take the Oscars along with them.

The gracious ‘La La Land’ team called upon the ‘Moonlight’ team on stage after seeing the envelope has been misread. The real winner for the best picture award is the epic ‘Moonlight’ movie. Twitter already started reacting to this human error with various emotions. One funny tweet among those was, this is how Trump has been announced as the winner where Hillary is the real winner.

Below is the video where the human error has been corrected by ‘La La Land’ team graciously by Jordan Horowitz.


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