Who’s Doing The Homework in Your Home?

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It is important to take a moment and evaluate your role as a parent during your child’s homework time. Simultaneously it’s necessary to know the difference between getting involved and doing your kid’s homework for them. Every parent and guardian needs to see themselves as a “home-coach”. They cannot run the races for their children, but they can help organise and advise them to further improve their performance.

Too much involvement in your child’s work (reviewing their classwork, attending to each of their questions, etc.) can become taxing for you as well. Often times, it creates tension and anxiety between parents and the children. Excess supervision can even cause your kids to feel increasingly insecure about their performance. That’s why it is crucial to be a helping hand that only furthers their independence and confidence in carrying out their own tasks. So here are a few tips to keep in mind when you next sit down with your child during homework time.

Do not do the homework yourself: While this might seem a bit obvious, many of parents still struggle with this. While the intention is to help their children with the workload, it can actually be extremely detrimental to their learning. The objective isn’t to help them get it right, but rather help them find their autonomy with problem solving. This means letting them learn through their difficulties and mistakes to reach a solution.

Supervision when asked: As children grow older, they need to start becoming independent and accountable for their academic performance. This means slowly letting go of your control over their homework time. Instead, involve yourself only when asked to. The goal here is to help them better understand their subjects and make them aware of your trust in them.

Separate space: Ensure that your child has a dedicated time and space for them to attend to their schoolwork at home. This means no reading in the kitchen table while you cook or solving math problems in the hall when others are watching TV. As they grow, this is a discipline that help them in the long run. It will also help them form a sense of priority and organize their workspace well in the future.

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