Why Cigar Matches are So Special? Secrets Behind Them

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Using Cigar Matches is the classical way to lit up a cigar. But, have you ever imagined, why do you need a special match to light a cigar and what is so special with these marches?

Although, it is quicker and easier to light up a cigar with a lighter, lighting it up with a match is the classical and the gentleman’s way. More, to it, there is something special about lighting a cigar up with a special matchstick. It is said that you add some extra touch of aroma and flavor and not to forget – class when you light your cigar with these specially made wooden matches.

What is so special about these matches?

As per a true cigar enthusiast, wooden cigar matchsticks still remains the unadulterated form of enjoying the pleasures of a cigar. It is also believed that if done the right way, lighting a cigar with a wooden matchstick adds a certain degree of elegance to the entire thing.

The piece of the tobacco bundle, that takes years of precision and care to reach your hand as a premium cigar, it demands certain respect in terms of how we smoke them. Let’s know in details about these special cigar matches.

Next time when you reach out to a store looking for a cigar match, don’t pick up to buy safety matches. These are special matches that are made of wood and not paper and are at least 31/2 inches in length.  In order to ensure that the sulphur in the head does not spoil the flavor of the cigar, the head made sulphur free.

While lighting up a candle or anything else, you generally strike the head and it ignites, you then immediately take it to the object to be lighted. In case of cigar matches, you wait for the ignition to completely fire up the wood and then take it to toast up your cigar. The wood gives the cleanest of flame and it might take up to three matches to light up the cigar.

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These matches are made up of thin strips of wood, typically a soft wood like aspen, white pine, poplar or silk cotton. It is then soaked in ammonium phosphate which helps to stop the match from smoldering and is also a fire retardant and also paraffin wax. This is then dipped in a solution of chemical mixes of potassium chlorate, antimony tri-sulphide, powdered glass, and glue. Together it gives the stick its red head. The striking strip of the cardboard box of these matches is made of a mixture of powdered glass and re phosphorous.

The making of these matches ensures their safety and quality. These are no run of the mill match boxes and are made with great precision as cigars are made. With the advent of modern technology and considering ease of use, butane lighters have been introduced for lighting up cigars, yet matches still remains a cigar connoisseur’s choice. Style, Class, and Pride – All these are tags that are attached with “Cigars”.

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