Why Diary Writing Should Be Strictly Implemented in Schools – Discipline Goals

Discipline comes with a routine. It is a good habit to implement routing in children from a very young age. Writing a diary can not only help them understand the routine but also improve their memory as they try and recall what all was done from morning while writing the diary at the end of the day.

Implementing diary writing in schools:


Implementing diary writing in schools can have very good educational benefits in your child. You may choose to pick up a corporate diary from the market and give it to children so that they have the date, time and day already printed in it. They just have to enter in each row or column about what they did the whole day. The school may also choose to give children a custom diary 2019 with necessary things printed in it. The teachers should make it a part of the curriculum and make sure that all children write their diary. Here is how diary writing helps children:

  1. It improves writing: Keeping a diary and writing it every day enhances the child’s handwriting and writing skills. When children think of writing down their actions, they find new words which will, in turn, improve their vocabulary.
  2. Freedom to write: Within the classroom, the children usually write what is given to them from their textbooks. But while writing their diary they are free to write whatever they want. Sentence formation happens independently.
  3. Discipline: Diary writing brings in a routine and when it is part of the timetable it creates a level of discipline in children. When schools implement diary writing strictly, it is also part of the school’s disciplinary goals. Since they write down their deeds, mistakes and misdeeds are reduced by themselves.
  4. Helps to express emotions: Many children have mental issues these days. With working parents and very less time given to them, they fail to express themselves. Many of the children’s feelings go unheard or are neglected as everyone is busy in their own work. Such children find solace in putting out their feelings in the diary. By writing down their emotional feelings, they find relief to their minds which is very important to children who are continuously groomed under the pressure of studies.
  5. Creativity: Along with discipline comes creativity. Creativity is when a child imagines something and shows talent to pen down this type of activity. For instance, a child may choose to write in multiple languages. The child may also draw something it has seen during the day or make a nice picture of a dream. All these will enhance creativity.

We hope these tips help you imbibe the culture of writing a diary in children. By giving a diary we will be building well-disciplined and mannered future citizens of the nation. A habit imbibed in early years of life is sure to last a lifetime and a diary can be a companion for a lifetime.


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