Why is Internet Safety Important for Kids?

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In this technology-driven world, where the internet answers almost all our questions, we must be aware of what information we share in that process of discovery. Staying at home all day while going through this quarantine, the internet has become the go-to platform to seek entertainment, showcase talent, expand business and, most important of all, develop the educational system for children.


It’s almost possible to find anything with the help of the internet. This lockdown has influenced many people, no matter their age, to learn something they have been passionate about or even to achieve specific professional goals. Adults and most teenagers are usually aware of the information that they share online, and they also ensure they protect themselves from the risk of leaking confidential information because they are typically aware of the consequences. Schools and colleges conducting their classes online are among the significant milestones that we couldn’t have seen coming.

However, the younger generation, or children below the age of 12, who have to attend school daily over the internet, might come across threats that they probably do not know. Parental control over the child’s internet usage becomes necessary in this case. But due to unavoidable circumstances, some parents can’t always supervise their children.

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This brings our attention to the additional online safety that parents can implement using Internet Security software. They should be able to control what their children learn online and block threats like unknown links, pop-ups, identity theft and many more that are usually not visible directly. It only takes about one or two clicks for a child to land on any malicious or dangerous website. Children must be aware of and understand what is actually safe and what is not to make positive and smart decisions online. As a parent, to keep your children safe, you can convey these simple rules to them regarding their use of Wi-Fi for internet access:

  1. Do not give away personal information online.
  2. Avoid clicking on pop-ups and ads.
  3. Schedule use of the internet.
  4. Limit time spent on entertainment websites.
  5. Ask for permission before accessing new websites.
  6. Inform you if any website requests payment details.

Try implementing these simple rules to enable your children to access the internet safely and securely. It is also essential to get the right Internet Security software that would further protect all the devices that your family uses from sharing sensitive information, even by accident.

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