Why Software Testing is Tough Job Ways to Make It Easy

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Software testing is one of a complex process at a software application development. Software testers are those who find out bugs, bottlenecks, interface and reliability issues and ensure quality assurance before the release of the final product. To find the flaw they run all kinds of tests, stress, performance, functional, scalability, user acceptance at various stages of the software life cycle. Overall, software testing is a major part to produce a quality assured outcome.

Testers are brought in at the planning and design stage and often remains involved throughout the post-release support. An Automation Test Engineer will be responsible for automating manual test case execution which otherwise could be time-consuming. A performance test engineer, you will be responsible for checking application responsiveness. People who are interested to work in this role, must have any graduation degree with 70% though out in academics.

They should have knowledge of programmings such as Java, MySQL, and testing software like Selenium etc. Fresh graduates are recommended to take courses like HP LoadRunner training and selenium course in any of the reputed institutes that gives training in these domains.  After all, when you apply for testing jobs in big corporations you will have many skills to offer as well some practical freelancing experience which may be of value and will increase your chances of being selected.

The reason why you are getting job as software testers is that you are trying for Software Testing as career even if you are not passionate about it. Only just sake of other friends is being employed in Software Testing or you want to getting employed as early as possible. Make yourself confident about this domain, show interest to learn. Prepare your CV and Resume and upload it in all top job searching sites.  Join some of the Groups related to QA Jobs/QA Activities. See the discussions, raise queries and get them answered.

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This will help you to professionally connect with Passionate QA people and also will increase your visibility to get more interview calls. A good software tester should have sharp analytical skills. Analytical skills will help break up a complex software system into smaller units to gain a better understanding and create test cases.  Test Management is another important aspect of Software testing. Without proper test management techniques, software testing process will fail.

Test management is nothing but managing your testing related artifacts. A lot of Graduating students join companies they have always heard of but unsure what to expect when they actually join in. This leads to them hoping between companies. changing profiles and a weak resume with little experience in multiple fields. Career Path basically revolves around your strengths. It’s a simple ideology I believe in. Creating a career path around your likes and strengths is the easiest way to develop a nurturing career.

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