Why There is A Huge Demand of Job Market For Cloud Certification Courses?

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Cloud computing is a method of delivering IT services where resources like databases, virtual machines are hosted in the cloud. This type of information allows users to work remotely. Cloud computing does not require the data to be stored in a physical space. We all using cloud computing right now in our smartphone or PC, even though we don’t realize it. That’s why cloud computing is everywhere today. This is a rapidly evolving technology at the moment. Cloud computing is a type of computing that relies on sharing computing resources rather than having local servers or personal to handle.  It can also be perceived as the procedure of storing and accessing data and applications over the Internet, instead of the user’s computer hard drive.

The most wanted certification in the current scenario is cloud certification. AWS is one of the most difficult certifications, yet there are many pieces of training given by AWS itself and there are also many other pieces of training available. AWS has a separate certification for different roles. The easiest exam would be cloud practitioner. The next associate exams are solution architect, certified developer, sysops administrator. The top level would be the professional level certifications on solution architect, certified developer and sysops admin. These positions often demand ability with specific programming languages like Python, Java, and Ruby on Rails, as well as experience with different operating systems (specifically Linux), and a database querying language like SQL.

In the current scenario, all the organizations have moved to the cloud. Previously the cost of managing their own data centers was high. Now with the migration to the cloud, there is a huge demand in the market for cloud certified persons. AWS is easy to use. It is flexible, cost-effective as they have auto scaling which expands or shrinks the load used based on their current needs. AWS is reliable and secure. They have their own firewalls to protect the data. The courses will explain the key cloud features like scalability availability, redundancy. Other cloud certifications available on markets are Microsoft Azure certification, Google cloud platform certification, CCNA cloud etc., You’ll learn on how to deploy, configure, host and manage the features. Some of the known features available on the cloud are the active directory, virtual machines, virtual networking, firewalls. Google cloud platform is growing quickly as Azure. GCP specializes in big data, analytics and ML (Machine Learning). Google charges users on second billing. AWS is hour-based billing. AWS also provides a one-year free tier with limited free access to get yourself accustomed to it.

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There is plenty of certification course like JMeter training in Chennai and QTP training in Chennai that can help you get on track. If you are a Java developer, software developer or other IT professional, adding cloud computing skills to your resume could widen your job possibilities as more and more companies begin to shift their data to remote internet servers. Considering the huge demand for cloud computing jobs now, it is better to get certified training and get an upper hand in an interview.

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