Why to invest properties in Mahabalipuram? Act before it’s late

Why to invest properties in Mahabalipuram? Act before it's late 1
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Mahabalipuram gets its name from the demon king Mahabali who was killed by lord Vishnu. The name of the town was later changed to Mamallapuram by the king of Pallava Narashima Varman who was given the title of Mamallan which means the great wrestler. But the town is still known as Mahabalipuram or Mahabs to the locals and visitors.

The town is located in Kanchipuram district in Tamil Nadu, close to 60 kms from Chennai city along the entertainment corridor East Coarse Road (ECR). It is a popular weekend getaway from Chennai and is not only known for its historic architecture and vibrant streets, but also for its sandy beaches, resorts, handmade crafts, food and relaxed life the town offers.

The town is flocked by both local as well as foreign tourists. While local tourists usually come for day visits or one night stays at fancy resorts, foreigners usually end up staying in this lovely town of Mahabalipuram for weeks and at times even for months.

The real estate pricing in Mahabalipuram is not as high as in Chennai city. Interested buyers can look for both individual houses and apartments to invest in. These homes can be easily converted into weekend homes for your family. When not in use they can be easily used for short stay rentals which is becoming a very popular concept these days. Foreign tourists who stay for longer spans are always on a lookout for affordable yet clean homes in Mahabalipuram.

The connectivity from Chennai city is also great via both ECR and OMR. Expansion work on ECR is expected to get over soon which would further fast track the travel time to reach Mahabalipuram from Chennai, making it into a further more tourist magnet.

Facing the Bay of Bengal this town offers enchanting beauty to its visitors.  With great waves today Mahabalipuram is becoming a popular surfer’s hotspot. There are annual surfer’s competitions held along the Coromandel Coast and there are few surfer’s clubs which offer training classes to amateur surfers.

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Investing in a home in Mahabalipuram would give you continuous rental income with mere investment of under INR 18 Lakhs for a 2 BHK apartment. Spanning over 2.16 acres of landscape area Triveni by Arun Excello is one such amazing deal to own a home at this UNESCO World Heritage Centre along one of the fast developing corridors of Tamil Nadu.

Triveni offers compact, low rise, no frill homes in Mahabalipuram with an efficient design and a sparkling backwater view. The developer Arun Excello has already launched 8 compact home projects in Mahabalipuram, proving that the concept of ‘compact home’ is a big hit there. The pricing, amenities and configuration of the house suits the middle income group people and can also be an ideal investment proposition.

Hence, a low key investment in Mahabalipuram would not only provide you with your dream weekend home but it also has a high potential of both giving you continuous rental income as well as good appreciation on value of your property.

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