Woman Requests Time off for Mental Health, Boss’s Reply Gone Viral

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A random employee at a firm wrote an email to her team stating that she going on a leave due to mental health issues. The message was very clear that she conveyed what she has been going through and at the same time she also iterated that she isn’t going to be 100% productive on work until she gets out of the mental health problems.

Image credits: the daily star
Image credits: the daily star

In the current of era of lifestyle, we tend to work around the clock for reasons like serving onshore clients which could be day time for onshore and night time for ourselves. At the same day, we are called up of to face serious production issues during the sleep in the day time by our offshore colleagues.


Employees are not ready to discuss critical issues like these which causing serious troubles to our health physically and mentally. We are afraid to reveal to the fact that, there are enough competition waiting outside for the same role we posses.

It is our right and responsibility to take up the issues we face to our management and try to find a solution. At the same time management should also be assertive on conducting workshops for discussing issues employee faces during their work. This way, we may ensure a healthy environment for both the employee as well as the the employer.

This developer have wrote an email as stated above and her boss was so assertive that he gave the soothing response one may rarely get. He acknowledge the mental health leave request and responded as “You are an example to others”. Check out the tweets that went viral once this news hit the social media.

Note: The article has been initially published on TheDailyStar.


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