Women in Management – Competitive Edge for The Future

Women in Management - Competitive Edge for The Future 1
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Nowadays women will take part in all activities of the society. They will be part of all fields in the world. Starting from the cooking field to sports field women give their best part in their field. One of the important fields where women get increases in number is the business field. Ranging from a small business to a large business, women lead successful business management.

Even though women maintain their business effectively, they also face some risks and issues while running their business. Especially, women entrepreneurs face a lot of problems in maintaining their business.

Risks Faced by Women

Challenging Social Expectations

Most female business owners who have attended networking events can relate to these circumstances.  The number of women participants in a seminar related to networking is small in number.  When women entrepreneurs have to talk business with primarily male executives, it can be uncomforting.

Most of the female entrepreneurs are handled by competitive, aggressive and sometimes overly harsh reactions. But successful female CEOs believe that remaining true to yourself and finding your own voice are the keys to rising above preconceived expectations.

Limited Access to Funding

Not all women belong to a business will get the sufficient fund required for their business. Most of the investors look for male business persons and avoid female entrepreneurs. Raising the capital required for the business is quite difficult for the women entrepreneurs. It is found that less than 3 percent of venture capital funded companies help women entrepreneurs.

Unable to Interact with the Clients

The lack of communication skills among some women leads to the lack of their business development. They are unable to interact with their clients and not able to get the required number of vendors for their business. But, now women improve their communication skills to a greater extent and make the best place in the business.

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Lack of Management Skills

Most of the male business people have taken sufficient training programs for maintaining their business. These training will help them to manage their business efficiently. But, some businesswomen do not undergo sufficient training programs.

To overcome this, women have to take business management programs like PMP training for managing their business. This will make women to occupy a good position in the business field.

How to Manage these Risks?

To efficiently handle these risks women first should be ready to face these types of risks. They have to come out of the fear of failure and facing problems. They have to improve their self-confidence. This will lead them to become a good business person.

Comparison of Present and Future Situation

Comparing the present business management feature with future will depict that future business management will be better than the current situation. This is because developing strategies and technologies will help one to effectively manage the business, more particularly for women.

As an overall conclusion, women will provide their best part in business management in both current and future situations. And, the number of women entrepreneurs will gradually increase in future.

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