Wood Vs Vinyl Fence-Which Is Right For You?

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Fencing your property is a big decision to make. One should consider various aspects while fencing. Also, these days there are a variety of fences available in the market made of different materials like coated chain link fence, wood fence, aluminum fence, vinyl fence etc.Fence supplies is a vast market today.  They are not just for safety but for the beautiful look they give for your property too. Building a compound wall can be a matter of past as fences are entering the market with solid fences that give qwerty options for the consumer. Here are some facts to consider while choosing a fence:

  1. Durability
  2. Look
  3. Affordability
  4. Easy to assemble

This article is to compare wood and vinyl fence. Wood fencing is easy to assemble, durable too for a residential area and is affordable too. Wood fences can be cut as per the required measurement easily. It gives that natural look to your home and this is the first reason why residential landscapes have wood fences. It also matches the ambiance of the outdoor garden. Wood fencing doesn’t require any professional help to assemble and its like DIY – Do It Yourself.

Fencing wood is easy, affordable and gives that natural look to the area. Wood is the only tough competitor to any other type of fencing available in the market till date. For it is a product of natural resources and eco-friendly, it is still the most chosen type of fencing. Wood is however prone to termites, wear and tear etc. A wood fence can last up to 20 years based on the type of wood used. It requires some amount of maintenance to keep termites and any kind of fungus away. It also gets worn out as years pass by.

Vinyl Fence of PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) fence is entering the market these days and is gaining popularity too due to its varied appearances. Initially, Vinyl fences entered the market in the form of white colored panels but slowly came in limited colors. Maintenance is easy and it lasts longer than wood. A vinyl fence can withstand turbulent weather and is not affected by heavy rains, bad weather conditions, pests, or doesn’t decay. Vinyl fences can last longer than wood fences. It requires almost zero maintenance. For a pristine and beautiful look, the vinyl fence can be the solution. It can even make in a color which looks like wood. With such benefits comes a cost.

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Vinyl fences are expensive compared to wood fences but the price paid is worth all the benefits it accompanies with it. You don’t have to spend much on maintenance and it is going to be a onetime investment.

There are three types to chose:

Poly Vinyl, Poly Rail and Designer vinyl fencing system based on your requirement. Vinyl fences have to be assembled by professionals so that proper placement is made and also the panels can be customized accordingly. Some of the companies also promise a lifetime warranty for their vinyl fences. So why worry about spending on a safe and beautiful fence?

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